RC Update

It’s been a busy couple of days and sadly not because of Roo’s Corner! 

I finished work on Monday for 12 days and I can safely say, I’m happy to do nothing for that time! 

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a lovely day and lots of lovely presents. I’m currently sat in the departures lounge of Bristol airport and I’m so excited to see sun and sand. We’re heading out to Blanes, Spain until the 8th. 

Although orders won’t be processed until the 9th, I’ve got the iPad and sketchbooks at the ready so work will be getting done- Despite wanting to do nothing, it was hard not to bring them along too! 

Take a look at our week in pictures 


Last week I proudly donated blood for the second time! If you are a blood donor yourself, or have the nhs blood and transplant on social media sites, you may be familiar with their new campaign #MISSINGTYPE. They are pushing for more donors to sign up to help fill the missing gaps of the international missing types; A, O & B. I was still a little nervous as I felt a little ill after the first time but again, the donor carers were really comforting and friendly.  I had donated in no time! My third is already booked in January which can’t come soon enough!

People donate for different reasons, but I personally donate to say thank you to those who have donated before. My Dad has had many blood transfusions and operations and three kidney transplants in total! We wouldn’t have been able to get through what we have done without the kind people, giving to help others.

I’m a strong believer that there needs to be more talk of donation,  both blood and organ. If you haven’t already, help fill the gap and register as a donor today or read more about the fantastic work the donor carers and blood nurses do here.  Join the search for the missing type and read all about it  here. Help bring down the number of 200,000 new donors needed!

Wednesday watch! 

We’re launching our very own pouches pack. We’ll be gathering all the supplies you need for you to make your very own pouch. 

Each package will include the following; 

  • 1x zip
  • 2x RC block printed fabric pieces 
  • 2x lining pieces   
  • 1x cotton reel 
  • 4x pins 
  • 1x needle 
  • Instructions 

We’re so happy to spread the love of making pouches as we love it so much. We’ll also have a tutorial up very soon for you guys too. 

Order yours here. 

Happy making! 

RC: Update

Happy Thursday!

it’s been another busy week outside of Roo’s Corner but i’m hoping it all goes back to normal very soon!

I’m currently house sitting but it’s a good way to get ideas organised. I’m currently working on a new project for a little DIY box which i hope you will all love. I can’t wait to be able to share with you all what it is!

Don’t forget to take advantage of the £5 off!

Offer ends August 31st.

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Wednesday watch! 

This month is all about launching new products an we’re happy to announce we are adding a tea towel range to our RC Home collection.  We brought a couple along with us to the Shaw House Summer Fair and we had some great feedback!
We hand print each pattern using our blocks and paints, with some designs more rustic or clean than others. Our personal favourite is the ‘Orange’ design.

We have more designs on the way but you can shop our current range here..
We’re currently giving away one free tea towel with each box of hand printed cotton napkins. Limited numbers are available so get yours while you can!

Wednesday watch 

RC bundles. 
Each week we are adding a new product to the list. This week it’s our very own block printed fabrics! 

Printing our own fabric is something that we’ve always wanted to do here at Roo’s Corner, and what better way to start than small! 

Each bundle contains 6 fat quarters of  hand printed fabric, containing two of each designs. Bespoke orders can be done! For example, if you would like any more than 6 pieces or if you would all the fabric to have the same design, we’ll be printing them for you! All you’ll need to do is email us at: shoprooscorner@gmail.com. 
We’re so happy with how our little bundles have come out and we can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on them! Shop them here. 

RC Discount Code

To celebrate launching new products, we’re giving £5 off at the check out for all orders of £15 and over! We are including each and every RC product so you won’t miss out on anything! Discount ends August 31st.


Use code: AUGUST16 to get your discount!

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Wednesday watch 

We have launched our new Tea Pot Pouches ans we’re in love! These little linen beauties are an addition to our growing “drink tea, get stuff done” collection which you can shop here.
We love how spacious these pouches are. Ideal for both little and larger items, the fabrics used means it’s flexible on the outside but  the lining is sturdy enough for your make up or hate we items you’ll be storing.
We decided on this design as son we saw the printing block. We love how it tied in with our drink tea range. We really like the silhouette against the natural coloured linen, giving the print a clean finish.

Shaw House Summer Fair

As some of you may know, we attended Shaw House summer fair on Sunday. We had a lot of prep to do with very little time but I’m pleased to say we made it-just! 

It was our first summer stall and to be honest we were a little apprehensive about it, considering how well we did at Parsonage Farm. 

It was a really busy day with a few sales which we were pleased with, the sun eventually made an appearance too. You can find some pictures here on our Instagram. 

Sunday 10th July 2016

Happy Sunday Everyone, I hope it’s a lazy one!

I know i normally give a Monday morning update, but  felt it was more appropriate today as its only 7 days until we head out to do our first Summer Fair!

I have a list as long ass my arm and next to no time to complete it. It’s exactly a week until we head over to Shaw House to have a pop up stall at their Summer Fair. We’re really excited and are feeling positive about it (providing I get everything done in time!).

It’s our first summer fair and our first stall providing our own gazebo etc. I decided to do a mock up yesterday as was really happy until  i realised a) this  is hard  to put up a gazebo when you’re short and b) its even harder when its windy.

We’ve got a couple of new pouches coming with us and I’m really excited to be bringing the new Drink Tea Pouch too! It feels like I’m going 100 miles an hour and not actually getting anything done. I’m set for a busy week with work, getting RC ready for Sunday and heading over to Truck  Festival on Friday & Saturday.

With  just few admin bits and a couple of new makes to get done, we’ll be ready to go in no time! Keep up to date on our Instagram.

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