Cake! Cake! Cake!

As our first week’s Five Faves Friday was all about tea, it’s only fair that our second is all about cake!

If you’re lucky enough to have a mum like mine, you’ll know just how good home made cakes are.  So here are our five fave cakes!

  1. Lemon Drizzle- smooth cake draped in icing filled with flavours. Nothing better to clear your pallet

  2. Vicky sponge- this is a must have with a cuppa tea

  3. Chocolate sponge; chocolate filling, chocolate icing, chocolate buttons. Who can resist?!

  4. Carrot & Ginger Cake- Now as I said, mama Robbins makes the best cakes but put this with plum syrup and lemon sorbet and it is to die for!

  5. Batten-berg- it tastes just as good as the colours look!

Keep checking up on here and you might just come across one of Mama Robbins’ cake recipes!

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Our first Five Faves Fridays is all about tea!

Because lets face it, a cuppa is what gets us crafters (and non crafters) through the day

Lemon Green Tea- the perfect little detox

English Breakfast- the perfect little pick me up

Spiced Chai- its so warming, especially now its getting colder

Earl Grey- how else do we relax?

Ginger Bread- sweet like dessert but having more than one isn’t something that’s judged

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Love Roo xxx

Pretty Little Pumpkins

There’s 10 days to go until the big night so here are 10 pumpkin designs we’ve discovered that we will most definitely be trying out!

Cutting shapes, or not as the case may be. Either way we can’t enough of these simple and oddly elegant (for a pumpkin) designs.


All white everything are perfect for the minimal look!


We absolutely love these simple pumpkin centre piece designs!

I know they’ll be some of you out there that hasn’t quite come to terms with this time of the year, and this fruity one is just for you! (the no carving needed is also a plus)12144115_1190696914279384_668078056_n(1)

Now aren’t these little pumpkin ghosts just the cutest!


We came across this gang on instagram  and we love it! Again no carving needed and they still look fab

These house number pumpkins are the best way to keep your home looking a bit more grown up this Halloween..


Try getting arty with these very autumnal pumpkins!


We all love chalkboard paint, and these chalkboard pumpkins are an excellent idea. The designs are endless!


Last but certainly not least, we’re in love with these cute little owl pumpkins!


We hope these ideas give you some inspiration. Get designing, the Halloween countdown has begun!

10 Reasons Why Autumn is the Best Time of Year

Autumn is my favourite time of the year and here are the top 10 reasons why!

  1. Crunchy leaves
  2. Its so refreshing when its cold but sunny outside
  3. Layering- because who doesn’t love wearing scarves 
  4. Boots are back in season too and they go with literally everything in your wardrobe
  5. The colours on the trees are absolutely stunning
  6. There’s nothing cosier than being snuggled up in your pjs with a fire on
  7. Did I mention crunchy leaves?
  8. Costa hot chocolates are now acceptable to order again
  9. Sunsets are always better in Autumn
  10. Last but certainly not least ; THE FESTIVE SEASON BEGINS- with Halloween and Bonfire Night approaching we all know that Christmas is right around the corner!

Nearly time to launch

With launch date fast approaching we are very busy at Roo’s Corner!

We are so excited we are finally opening our shop and we can not wait for the adventure that is about to start. As a little something to say thank you, we will be giving away a free initial bracelet with every order until the end of October. Please see product for details.

Keep up to date on here and our social media to get the news of our launch date!

Your comments and feedback are really appreciated & we look forward to hearing from you all.

Love Roo xxx


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