Parsonage Farm Christmas Market

We have some very exciting news, that we will be attending our first Christmas Market!

We will be at the Parsonage Farm Christmas Market on December 6th from 10:30 until 3:00.

Parsonage Farm is very local to us and we are so happy that we are lucky enough to have our first market stall there! This years market is in great support of beating bowel cancer. It’s a great cause and we hope to see you all there!

Parsonage Farm Christmas Market

Sunday December 6th


Parsonage Farm, Upton, Andover SP11 0JP.

Five Faves Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!

This week we’re sharing our top favourite candle scents. Of course it has to be Yankee!


Lake Sunset~ The perfect background scent. We didn’t know a smell could be so stunning!

Fresh Cotton~ This one is the classic and not much more needs to be said.

Lime & Vanilla~ By the end of this weeks Fave Fives Friday, you’ll come to realise that we aren’t a fan of fruity scents but this one seems to be exotic but not over powering. Fabulous!

Honey & Spice~ and all things nice. As much as we all love apple & cinnamon, it’s a bit too much of one thing at the moment. This gets us in the festive mood all  the same!

Snow in Love~ we didn’t think it was possible to beat the classic but Yankee have managed to blend a fresh scent and add winter?! How we will never know, but we’re certainly not complaining..

Our very own home-made candles are set to arrive in the new year! Until then shop Roo’s Corner


We have been rummaging through the internet to find you the best advent calendars for 2015. 

We’ve found everything from beauty to diy, big brands to shopping small and each are perfect in their own way.

The count down is on!

Benefit Cosmetics~  Candy Coated Countdown   £60.00

This is a must for all you beauty lovers out there. Everything a girl could dream of is in this set! If I had the luxury, I know what I’d be waking up for in the count down to the big day!

Lakeland Starry Night Chocolate Advent House £39.99

This screams Christmas (and not to mention minimal) and we love it! Who knew and advent house could look so beautiful!

Make your own with Hobbycraft’s Wooden Tree £15.00

The possibilities are endless with this simple design! We know we’ll be trying

The Body Shop Advent Calendar £60.00

What a fab way to treat yourself! Also, it’s great to know that The Body Shop is working with Water Aid to help fund 1 day of clean water for every 1 selected gift. It’s always good to give back, no matter what time of year.


Modern Craft Kit– Berylune £22.95

We think this is such a cute kit & not just for crafters! We highly recommend this one as it’s suitable for all ages, especially those who aren’t a fan of chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat  £12.50

Why not indulge in some luxury for all chocolate lovers; available in milk, dark chocolate & white.


Yankee Candle Reindeer Carousel  £31.99

The most expensive of the three Yankee advents, but my gosh our favourite. Scents including Icicles, Spiced Orange & Snowflake Cookie will smell great on any wintry day.


White Wooden LED Light – The Forest Co. £29.50

We stumbled across this perfect scenery advent calendar. Fill the little draws with the perfect items to wake up to, the possibilities  are endless!


Tea Advent Calendar -POSTTEA £39.95

You all know that here at RC HQ we love tea & all kinds of it too. We couldn’t resist sharing this advent calendar for all our fellow tea lovers. 2 cups of luxury tea a day sounds good to us!


M&S Beauty £25

This is our third and final feel good advent calendar,  and between you and me, it’s definitely the best. The amount you get for your money is astonishing! It’s so good that it’s sold out online and we’ve had to send you think link of stores you could potentially get it from!

Harrods Village  £64.99

Now it’s pricey, but it’s Christmas. And what’s Christmas without a little Harrods?


We hope you’re all getting as excited for Christmas as we are! Be sure to keep an eye out for our news about our first Christmas, as well as the best RC stocking fillers!

With Love From Roo xxx

How to Get Motivated

FIVE FAVES FRIDAY is here once again and this time its all about how to get motivated!

The run up to Christmas is a busy time for crafters (not mention stressful!) and we could all do with a little motivation to get us over the daunting busy work load.So here is our favourite 5 ways to get motivated!

1.LISTS- I love a good list and as far as I’m concerned, lists can get you through anything and everything. At the beginning of every day, every week and every month, create a list of all the things you need and more importantly what you’d want to accomplish. It’s the best way to  get you going. The monthly list may make your work look daunting but breaking it down by days and weeks it means it’s a little more clearer, plus it feels great when you start crossing jobs off!

2. GET SOME SPACE- and I don’t mean abandon your work load. Where ever it is you work, think or create, you need to clear it. All of it. Your desk, studio or even your floor. Once you have a clean and clear environment, your mindset will become those things too.

3. LOOK FOR INSPIRATION- one of the best ways to do this is to create an ‘Ideas & Inspiration book’. What ever it is you do, this will help channel your way of thinking.

4.DRINK- plenty of water (and tea of course). Staying hydrated gives you the means to stay focused, and to stay focused means you’re getting stuff done.

5. “IF IT TAKES LESS THAN TEN MINUETS- DO IT NOW”.  We live by this at Roo’s Corner. I don’t know who said it first but its one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever read. It gets things done quickly. Often its the little things that pile up in the work load and this is the best way to get them ticked off.

Head over to the Roo’s Corner Shop to check out our notebooks to get those lists going, as well as our Ideas Sketch Book to help create that ideas & inspirations book!

I hope this helps you stay motivated. Good luck!

Love Roo xxx

Roo’s Corner Giveaway!

Happy Friday Lovelies!

We are happy to announce that we have teamed up with the @Craftspire instagram account for our very first giveaway and we are so excited!

Those who take part will  be in for a chance to win a pair of our handmade sterling silver drop earrings, perfect for any occasion!

P1000912 (2)

To enter the competition you must do the following: 
Follow Craftspire and Roo’s Corner on Instagram
Like the competition image on CraftSpire
Tag a friend to tell them about the great giveaway!

The competition will run from 8PM Friday 6th until  8PM Saturday 7th November

UK entries only.

Best of luck & we hope you enjoy it, get liking & following- we’ll be checking!

Love Roo xxx

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and Relax…

Here in this weeks Five Faves Friday, read all about our five favourite ways to relax.

Adult Colouring Books; this is a personal favourite of mine. The images can be absolutely stunning and it’s a great way to relieve stress & anxiety.

Walk. If you’re lucky enough to live in the countryside, you have miles of great walks and no doubt great views. And if you’re lucky enough to live in the towns or cities, explore it. I’m sure there’s plenty of new ground to discover.

If you haven’t guessed it already, tea is our answer to everything. Whether you’re on the go or taking a break, your stress with be soothed soon enough with a good cuppa. Why not have a look at our very first five faves Friday that’s all about out top five teas!

Read. Anything (but preferably not your Facebook news feed). It could be a book or an article, something that’s caught your eye or that you’ve stumbled across. Get your mind focused on something else for a while.

Make Make Make! (something for yourself). Us crafters spend so much time making for others and as much as we love it, sometimes we need to treat ourselves.

Love Roo xxx

Find more relaxation at  Roo’s Corner

Wednesday 4th November

After a very lazy morning, we’re easing ourselves in with an admin afternoon, hoping for an blissful evening of making! 

We are pleased to announce that our card collection is beginning to make an appearance on the site today! Starting at just £1! More will be added as soon as they are ready. 

Happy Wednesday people!  

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Death By Hot Chocolate

Now it’s November it’s time to spice things up this Winter with some interesting hot chocolate flavours!

Vanilla & White Chocolate. Just add white chocolate shavings into your milk & stir until melted, don’t forget the tbsp of vanilla extract. Add this mix to your normal hot chocolate powder or have on its own, topped with cream!

Cointreau. This is a personal favourite of mine. Chocolate orange is to die for, but adding Cointreau to the mix makes it pure perfection. Top with cream, chocolate sprinkles & some grated orange peel. Beautiful and tasty.

Cinnamon. Add cinnamon, as much or as little as you’d like to the powder & mix with hot milk. To make it more chocolatey, go all out & add melted chocolate! So simple and so Christmassy!

Ginger.  Add ground ginger to the powder, again as much or as little as you’s like! Mix it with hot milk & top with cream. Your very own gingerbread man in a mug!

Russian. Add a measure of vanilla flavoured vodka along with another measure of amaretto for another way to warm yourself up!

Classic. You can’t go wrong with the classic hot chocolate. Plenty of scoops of powder, cream from a can, chocolate sprinkles and a handful or two of marshmallows. The perfect way to end the day

Coconut. Add coconut cream into your hot chocolate. or of its been that kind of day, why not try a splash of malibu!

Nutella. Heat the milk in a pan and stir in a minimum of 3 spoons of nutella. Top with cream and marshmallows

Peppermint. Just add in some peppermint extract into the mix, and maybe some green food colouring into the milk if you want to change things up!

Baileys. For all you coffee lovers out there, this is the one for you. Add a 50ml measure to your hot chocolate and let it hit that coffee spot!

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