Evening make- tote bags

I’ve finally had some time for Roo’s Corner and I’ve spent it printing our new line of calico tote bags! I have currently made a set of the bicycle print but there will be more designs added when the line launches in January.

These make the perfect shopping bag, I love this print and hope you do too! With new ideas coming, I’m  sure you’ll be seeing more of it..


Roo xxx


Here’s some five faves but not on a Friday… 

We love Christmas, despite how little festive it’s felt this year, so here’s our five faves all about the season!


  1. Pigs in blankets (obviously)- I’ve eaten far too many of them this month. Not that it’s  bad thing..
  2. Christmas Markets– they’re all so festive with the crowds and smells.  They’re the best place to find individual, quality gifts from small businesses.
  3. Lazy days– they may be short, but it’s nice to do nothing for a few days.
  4. The Christmas Tree– we love everything about it! From decorating it to putting the presents under it.
  5. Sales– being able to shop small, with great prices,  in the comfort of your own home is just fab.



From everyone here at Roo’s Corner, we hope you ate too much, drank too much, and had a lovely Christmas.  Thank you for all your support since our launch in October, we have some great new things coming  very soon including new products and projects. As well as our January Sale just around the corner!

With love, Roo xxx

There’s something about shopping small

We love shopping small, no matter what time of year. There’s something about it that feels more thoughtful, more personal,  more detailed.

I feel as though people appreciate handmade products even more so now. There are so many new and exciting products available to us, regardless if it’s with a click of a button or attending a local market. There’s so many people taking a leap and doing what they love for  a living, which is bloody brave.

Shopping small  means that it’s fair. Some think shopping small means the products seem pricey but it’s well worth it knowing that someone has taken their time and care with this item. There’s something about a handmade card or gift that says “I actually thought of you when I bought this” rather than “everyone’s getting one  this year”.

There is a lot that goes in an around small businesses at Christmas. Not only are crafters juggling their own Christmas, and their main job, they’re putting that extra effort to make big for us to shop small.


We’ve learnt a lot this Christmas. It’s been hard for me to balance my first Christmas as RC as well as the first Christmas at my job. Unfortunately, there just hasn’t been enough hours in the day and there are so many more things we wish we could’ve done if we got ready in time! But despite that, we have loved the run up to our first Christmas and we can’t wait to see what 2016 brings for RC!




Parsonage Farm

On Sunday we attended the Parsonage Farm Christmas Market. We had a great time and it was such a good experience. We are lucky that we had the opportunity to have our first market so local and with such great help too.

There were many late nights in the run up to the day but it was well worth it. Our sterling silver fish hook earrings  and Drink Tea Notebooks sold really well,  both on sale on the day.

We are a big fan of shopping small and very local. I am so pleased that the chosen charity was beating bowel cancer. I am yet to hear figures but I’m sure a good amount of money was raised for such a great  cause.

We have a hectic day of admin and organising to plough through. We’re really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things at RC HQ.  It’s been a very busy time for us for many reasons and we can’t wait to plan our second pop up stall!


Just a little check in…


Hello all!


I hope you’re all having a festive December! We’ve been very quiet lately for a number of reasons. Firstly because we have been getting ready for our first Christmas Market we attended on Sunday. Secondly (and probably most of all) because I have been SO busy at work. The festive period, like any pub, is our busiest. Coming in early and staying late has been happening a lot, meaning I have had so little time for RC stuff.

Now it’s settled at work I‘ll have more time for RC which I am so excited about. They’ll be new products up on the site soon and I have big plans for the upcoming new year!


Love Roo xxx