There’s something about shopping small

We love shopping small, no matter what time of year. There’s something about it that feels more thoughtful, more personal,  more detailed.

I feel as though people appreciate handmade products even more so now. There are so many new and exciting products available to us, regardless if it’s with a click of a button or attending a local market. There’s so many people taking a leap and doing what they love for  a living, which is bloody brave.

Shopping small  means that it’s fair. Some think shopping small means the products seem pricey but it’s well worth it knowing that someone has taken their time and care with this item. There’s something about a handmade card or gift that says “I actually thought of you when I bought this” rather than “everyone’s getting one  this year”.

There is a lot that goes in an around small businesses at Christmas. Not only are crafters juggling their own Christmas, and their main job, they’re putting that extra effort to make big for us to shop small.


We’ve learnt a lot this Christmas. It’s been hard for me to balance my first Christmas as RC as well as the first Christmas at my job. Unfortunately, there just hasn’t been enough hours in the day and there are so many more things we wish we could’ve done if we got ready in time! But despite that, we have loved the run up to our first Christmas and we can’t wait to see what 2016 brings for RC!





One thought on “There’s something about shopping small

  1. Domino Dreams says:

    Good Luck with your venture next year – I know what it’s like to buy local hand made products. I do think we have a long way to go to get people to understand that HandMade is worth the time, love and effort us crafters and artisans put into our work. Thank goodness for the people who like to buy items made with love. I have a small group of people who love to buy hand made and thank god for them – otherwise I might give up. Thanks for your post and saying what we all think. have a great day!


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