Here’s some five faves but not on a Friday… 

We love Christmas, despite how little festive it’s felt this year, so here’s our five faves all about the season!


  1. Pigs in blankets (obviously)- I’ve eaten far too many of them this month. Not that it’s  bad thing..
  2. Christmas Markets– they’re all so festive with the crowds and smells.  They’re the best place to find individual, quality gifts from small businesses.
  3. Lazy days– they may be short, but it’s nice to do nothing for a few days.
  4. The Christmas Tree– we love everything about it! From decorating it to putting the presents under it.
  5. Sales– being able to shop small, with great prices,  in the comfort of your own home is just fab.



From everyone here at Roo’s Corner, we hope you ate too much, drank too much, and had a lovely Christmas.  Thank you for all your support since our launch in October, we have some great new things coming  very soon including new products and projects. As well as our January Sale just around the corner!

With love, Roo xxx


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