Monday 29th February

Happy Monday Everyone!

(Happy Leap Year Too!!)

How fast is this year going?! (A sentence said every month of every year but this year is flying by already). I can’t believe it’s March tomorrow! I’ve managed to be so busy while not getting a lot done at the same time, not entirely sure how. It’s been a weird two months.

This week’s been a busy one, but we’re back and planning the next month a head. Hopefully it’ll go to plan this time…

From now on, I’m going to try practice more skills and techniques in general to get a basic idea of them. This month is all about screen printing! I was lucky enough to get one from my birthday last year and I can finally put it to good use. No doubt you’ll be seeing a lot more fabric based products once I get the hang of it.

This week has been an adventure in itself. A little road trip was needed along with a catch up with two best friends. Plymouth is especially pretty in the sunshine. Alfie and I went exploring for two hours, the views weren’t awful, and I managed to catch the sunset on the weekly trip to Stroud.

Take a little look at our week in pictures


My friend has the best kitchen view in Plymouth


The Hampshire/Wiltshire boarder isn’t so bad


Pro’s of going to the South Cotswolds


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