It’s been a while but we’re back with our Five Faves Friday! It’s only right with all things going on at Roo’s Corner that we begin again with our top five fabrics we’ll  be working with in the upcoming weeks.

We’re going back to basics and creating lots of great pouches ready for the summer. Here’s a look of dome of the patterns you’ll be seeing about the shop.

  1. We can’t get enough of this Grey Chevron Pattern, and as soon as we saw it we had an idea of exactly what we wanted.  You may have seen our previous post about our demo pouch and that’s just what we made with is so far. After a few little tweaks, they’ll be ready to sell! IMG_1673

  2.  We can’t wait to use these dainty little floral patterns for lining some of the new pouches. As much as we love big and bold, you can’t beat simple black and white.

  3. Yes, it’s another dainty little floral design but we love the detail of having stems the little leaves dotted along them. IMG_1666

  4.  Grey faux suede, we love the texture of this and we’ll be making something a little more than a pouch with this one!  IMG_1660

As you’ve seen we like floral, even more so if it’s black and white.  So to finish off we couldn’t miss out on this pattern. We’ll be using it for most likely lining again but it’s one of our favourites. I picked this up in a lovely little shop in Dartmouth a couple of months ago and we can’t wait to get making with it! IMG_1659


grey title


Wednesday Watch

We’re back with this Wednesday Watch being all about our cupcake collection!

We absolutely love our design and can’t wait to put it across onto more products. We currently have a few notebooks in this design as well as many greetings cards.

Our Cupcake Collection Cards are great for any message. They’re A5 and all made from recycled paper. We hand paint each card and notebook individually.

We now sell our cupcake cards in packs of 5 for only £7.50 or you can buy them individually for £2.  Perfect for one message or a whole bunch of people.

You can shop our Cupcake Collection over on our store.


grey title

RC project 

So this week we’ve been upcycling some old pieces into suitable display pieces!! 

We love doing all this stuff, admittedly, it’s probably not as good as it could be but we’re happy none the less. All we have to do now is stencil & paint our new logo and banner on and it’ll be complete! 

We’re starting to take a look at potential markets to attend this summer time so keep an eye out for our schedual! 

Monday 9th May

Hi all!

We can’t believe how fast this year is going, I’m sure May will be over before we know it, despite this we are trying to enjoy spring as we go! 

As seen in previous post on both here and Instagram, you’ll see that we’re in the process of making new pouches, both collections and individual lines. We are thrilled with how the designs have turned out, it’s now just a case of making them all!

In other news, we spent today organising stock, materials and space all ready for the move downstairs to the new workbench! If you didn’t catch our post, my dad has made me a new workbench himself and we can’t wait to to get using it. (Not only of having better space to make more, but to eventually get my bedroom back!!) 

I am so very nearly finished with college, meaning I’ll have a summer full of RC. I’m already looking at possible markets to attend so keep an eye out as we’ll be posting dates and events on here as well as our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

Pouch Review 

So as some of you may have ready, we’ve spent the past week or so designing new pouches! We love the designs we’ve decided on as well as the fabrics we’ll be using.  As our Sunday Make this week we made a demo pouch and we thought we’d share our thoughts on it… 

We made this one smaller than what we want just so we get an idea of design. It’s a model of pouch we haven’t made yet and it was interesting to use a different process. 

We’ve decided it’ll be better to use one large piece of fabric rather than sewing two parts together. It’ll give the bottom more structure and a smoother surface. 

I personally like that there are no stitches viable on the top, but must admit it was tricky without our zipper foot for the sewing machine!!

The edges were a little uneven as I was pressed for time (it turns out having an extra 40 minutes does really do much). 

We’re aware of the improvements that need to be mDe and we’re adamant that we’ll have them perfected in no time at all, until then we’ll be thinking of a name!!