Monday 9th May

Hi all!

We can’t believe how fast this year is going, I’m sure May will be over before we know it, despite this we are trying to enjoy spring as we go! 

As seen in previous post on both here and Instagram, you’ll see that we’re in the process of making new pouches, both collections and individual lines. We are thrilled with how the designs have turned out, it’s now just a case of making them all!

In other news, we spent today organising stock, materials and space all ready for the move downstairs to the new workbench! If you didn’t catch our post, my dad has made me a new workbench himself and we can’t wait to to get using it. (Not only of having better space to make more, but to eventually get my bedroom back!!) 

I am so very nearly finished with college, meaning I’ll have a summer full of RC. I’m already looking at possible markets to attend so keep an eye out as we’ll be posting dates and events on here as well as our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 


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