Pouch Review 

So as some of you may have ready, we’ve spent the past week or so designing new pouches! We love the designs we’ve decided on as well as the fabrics we’ll be using.  As our Sunday Make this week we made a demo pouch and we thought we’d share our thoughts on it… 

We made this one smaller than what we want just so we get an idea of design. It’s a model of pouch we haven’t made yet and it was interesting to use a different process. 

We’ve decided it’ll be better to use one large piece of fabric rather than sewing two parts together. It’ll give the bottom more structure and a smoother surface. 

I personally like that there are no stitches viable on the top, but must admit it was tricky without our zipper foot for the sewing machine!!

The edges were a little uneven as I was pressed for time (it turns out having an extra 40 minutes does really do much). 

We’re aware of the improvements that need to be mDe and we’re adamant that we’ll have them perfected in no time at all, until then we’ll be thinking of a name!! 



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