It’s been a while but we’re back with our Five Faves Friday! It’s only right with all things going on at Roo’s Corner that we begin again with our top five fabrics we’ll  be working with in the upcoming weeks.

We’re going back to basics and creating lots of great pouches ready for the summer. Here’s a look of dome of the patterns you’ll be seeing about the shop.

  1. We can’t get enough of this Grey Chevron Pattern, and as soon as we saw it we had an idea of exactly what we wanted.  You may have seen our previous post about our demo pouch and that’s just what we made with is so far. After a few little tweaks, they’ll be ready to sell! IMG_1673

  2.  We can’t wait to use these dainty little floral patterns for lining some of the new pouches. As much as we love big and bold, you can’t beat simple black and white.

  3. Yes, it’s another dainty little floral design but we love the detail of having stems the little leaves dotted along them. IMG_1666

  4.  Grey faux suede, we love the texture of this and we’ll be making something a little more than a pouch with this one!  IMG_1660

As you’ve seen we like floral, even more so if it’s black and white.  So to finish off we couldn’t miss out on this pattern. We’ll be using it for most likely lining again but it’s one of our favourites. I picked this up in a lovely little shop in Dartmouth a couple of months ago and we can’t wait to get making with it! IMG_1659


grey title



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