Dates for your Diaries!

Happy Friday Everyone! 

If you’re lucky enough to have weekends, I hope you enjoy it. I personally, am working and planning! But as promised, we’re here to tell you all about our upcoming market dates!

We’ll be attending the following markets on these dates. We’re very excited as well as very nervous. We have lots to make for each event so keep an eye out for new products that will be added to our collection.

Shaw House Summer Fair;

Sunday 17th July

Newbury Artisan Market;

Sunday 28th August

Sunday 30th October

Sunday 27th November

Roo xxx

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RC Update

We’re finally back on the blog!

We’ve been very quiet on our social medias lately but very busy behind the scenes! I’ve only got one week until I finish my first year of counselling skills and I’m really excited to (hopefully) have more time for RC. I’ve been so busy with work this month that I’ve hardly made any new products.

In other news, I’ve finally got some market dates in the RC diary (yay!) So I’ll be sharing those with you all on Friday . With that comes lots of preparation and making so it’s set to be a busy month.I’m trying to get everything done as quickly as possible but it’s not exactly going to plan, despite this, I’m looking forward to what summer has to offer us!

I’ve got a few ideas for some new products but I’ll be sure to top up our current stock very soon. I’m in the process of planning our media posts and I’ll be doing my best to stick to them.  I’m hoping that we’ll be back to posting updates more often as well as sharing our new ideas, products and fave fives!


Roo xxx


As all sewing bees know, pin cushions are a must have, and this week, we’re showing off our favourite five designs.

We are so happy we stumbled across this little one! Here we have the handmade, cacti pin cushion from the Warm Grey Company. You can get it from their Etsy Shop for just £10. cacti

There’s nothing better than keeping this personal, and you can do just that with your pin cushion from Rosie Bull Designs. We love that they have used an old sewing machine as their design. Our first pouches were made with an old Singer sewing machine so this pin cushion design is a definite favourite of ours!

sewing machine design

Hand embroidery makes us very happy and so does this pin cushion! You canget yours Peggy and Luce  for just £6.

peggy and luce

These lovely little letter pin cushions from My Baboo are yet another way to make it personal.


Anything watermelon is great, so we particularly like the idea of making your very own watermelon pin cushion, using a kit from The Make Arcade. We’ve seen some of her kits around before and we’ll be sure to get our hands on one or two!



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Wednesday Watch!

This week’s Wednesday Watch is looking at our elephant greetings card. We love elephants and this simple design. We have a set of Elephant printing blocks and this is our largest out of the four. We liked using the bold orange paint as it stands out nicely form the background.

All our Elephant cards are made from recycled paper with our logo stamped on the back. This particular set of cards are design length ways and are all A5. There’s more than enough room for you to wrote any message needed.

You can buy our Elephant Greeting Card for just £1 each or a pack of 5 for only £3.50.

Shop our growing card collection online.


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Five Fave Friday

This week, we’re showing you our top five stationary bits! Makers all love making, but the admin side, not so much. To get us through we can’t stop buying cute stationary bits to make it a little more pleasing on the eye!


We found this little buy in John Lewis and they are so handy now we’ve bought a peg board for our workstation! This jar of black pegs are just £3.99 and you get so many! we love the finish of them as well as the packaging they come in. IMG_1675

PAPER CLIPS ARE A MUST. These giant paper clips come in handy not only to keep all our papers together, but fabric too! If we don’t want to ruin the fabric but putting pins in them, we keep them secure using paper clips! IMG_1678

Pen pots, keep them everywhere. If you follow us on instagram, you may remember that time I became a crazy and proud plant lady. After re-potting our cacti’s, we used the terracotta pots to keep our pens in one handy place. IMG_1685

Keep it colourful! Colouring pens and pencils are great during the designing process, we keep them contained in a colourful tin and matching tray.  IMG_1681

Shelves! We are hoarders of notebooks, and we keep them all in one place. Easy to get to them and everything’s all together. Shop our notebook range hereIMG_1687

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Wednesday Watch

This weeks Wednesday Watch is for our lovely pineapple pouches!

This is our largest of the current block printed pouch range and our most popular too!

The pineapple pouches is great to store a little bit of everything. Most of them are used to keep all bit of make up in one place or toiletries for when  you’re away from home. It’s large enough so you can bring more than just the essentials but fits nicely in a handbag.

We make all our pouches from scratch and love the block printing process. Our pineapple block was part of our first block printing set that we bought in August 2015 and we haven’t put it down since! This current design is in yellow on natural calico fabric. Each pouches is lined and stamped with our logo.

You can shop our Pineapple Pouch or our other pouch collections on our store.  IMG_6899

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