Five Fave Friday

This week, we’re showing you our top five stationary bits! Makers all love making, but the admin side, not so much. To get us through we can’t stop buying cute stationary bits to make it a little more pleasing on the eye!


We found this little buy in John Lewis and they are so handy now we’ve bought a peg board for our workstation! This jar of black pegs are just £3.99 and you get so many! we love the finish of them as well as the packaging they come in. IMG_1675

PAPER CLIPS ARE A MUST. These giant paper clips come in handy not only to keep all our papers together, but fabric too! If we don’t want to ruin the fabric but putting pins in them, we keep them secure using paper clips! IMG_1678

Pen pots, keep them everywhere. If you follow us on instagram, you may remember that time I became a crazy and proud plant lady. After re-potting our cacti’s, we used the terracotta pots to keep our pens in one handy place. IMG_1685

Keep it colourful! Colouring pens and pencils are great during the designing process, we keep them contained in a colourful tin and matching tray.  IMG_1681

Shelves! We are hoarders of notebooks, and we keep them all in one place. Easy to get to them and everything’s all together. Shop our notebook range hereIMG_1687

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