As all sewing bees know, pin cushions are a must have, and this week, we’re showing off our favourite five designs.

We are so happy we stumbled across this little one! Here we have the handmade, cacti pin cushion from the Warm Grey Company. You can get it from their Etsy Shop for just £10. cacti

There’s nothing better than keeping this personal, and you can do just that with your pin cushion from Rosie Bull Designs. We love that they have used an old sewing machine as their design. Our first pouches were made with an old Singer sewing machine so this pin cushion design is a definite favourite of ours!

sewing machine design

Hand embroidery makes us very happy and so does this pin cushion! You canget yours Peggy and Luce  for just £6.

peggy and luce

These lovely little letter pin cushions from My Baboo are yet another way to make it personal.


Anything watermelon is great, so we particularly like the idea of making your very own watermelon pin cushion, using a kit from The Make Arcade. We’ve seen some of her kits around before and we’ll be sure to get our hands on one or two!



grey title



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