Sunday 10th July 2016

Happy Sunday Everyone, I hope it’s a lazy one!

I know i normally give a Monday morning update, but  felt it was more appropriate today as its only 7 days until we head out to do our first Summer Fair!

I have a list as long ass my arm and next to no time to complete it. It’s exactly a week until we head over to Shaw House to have a pop up stall at their Summer Fair. We’re really excited and are feeling positive about it (providing I get everything done in time!).

It’s our first summer fair and our first stall providing our own gazebo etc. I decided to do a mock up yesterday as was really happy until  i realised a) this  is hard  to put up a gazebo when you’re short and b) its even harder when its windy.

We’ve got a couple of new pouches coming with us and I’m really excited to be bringing the new Drink Tea Pouch too! It feels like I’m going 100 miles an hour and not actually getting anything done. I’m set for a busy week with work, getting RC ready for Sunday and heading over to Truck  Festival on Friday & Saturday.

With  just few admin bits and a couple of new makes to get done, we’ll be ready to go in no time! Keep up to date on our Instagram.

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