Last week I proudly donated blood for the second time! If you are a blood donor yourself, or have the nhs blood and transplant on social media sites, you may be familiar with their new campaign #MISSINGTYPE. They are pushing for more donors to sign up to help fill the missing gaps of the international missing types; A, O & B. I was still a little nervous as I felt a little ill after the first time but again, the donor carers were really comforting and friendly.  I had donated in no time! My third is already booked in January which can’t come soon enough!

People donate for different reasons, but I personally donate to say thank you to those who have donated before. My Dad has had many blood transfusions and operations and three kidney transplants in total! We wouldn’t have been able to get through what we have done without the kind people, giving to help others.

I’m a strong believer that there needs to be more talk of donation,  both blood and organ. If you haven’t already, help fill the gap and register as a donor today or read more about the fantastic work the donor carers and blood nurses do here.  Join the search for the missing type and read all about it  here. Help bring down the number of 200,000 new donors needed!


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