RC Update

It’s been a busy couple of days and sadly not because of Roo’s Corner! 

I finished work on Monday for 12 days and I can safely say, I’m happy to do nothing for that time! 

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a lovely day and lots of lovely presents. I’m currently sat in the departures lounge of Bristol airport and I’m so excited to see sun and sand. We’re heading out to Blanes, Spain until the 8th. 

Although orders won’t be processed until the 9th, I’ve got the iPad and sketchbooks at the ready so work will be getting done- Despite wanting to do nothing, it was hard not to bring them along too! 

Take a look at our week in pictures 


Last week I proudly donated blood for the second time! If you are a blood donor yourself, or have the nhs blood and transplant on social media sites, you may be familiar with their new campaign #MISSINGTYPE. They are pushing for more donors to sign up to help fill the missing gaps of the international missing types; A, O & B. I was still a little nervous as I felt a little ill after the first time but again, the donor carers were really comforting and friendly.  I had donated in no time! My third is already booked in January which can’t come soon enough!

People donate for different reasons, but I personally donate to say thank you to those who have donated before. My Dad has had many blood transfusions and operations and three kidney transplants in total! We wouldn’t have been able to get through what we have done without the kind people, giving to help others.

I’m a strong believer that there needs to be more talk of donation,  both blood and organ. If you haven’t already, help fill the gap and register as a donor today or read more about the fantastic work the donor carers and blood nurses do here.  Join the search for the missing type and read all about it  here. Help bring down the number of 200,000 new donors needed!

Wednesday Watch

We’re back with this Wednesday Watch being all about our cupcake collection!

We absolutely love our design and can’t wait to put it across onto more products. We currently have a few notebooks in this design as well as many greetings cards.

Our Cupcake Collection Cards are great for any message. They’re A5 and all made from recycled paper. We hand paint each card and notebook individually.

We now sell our cupcake cards in packs of 5 for only £7.50 or you can buy them individually for £2.  Perfect for one message or a whole bunch of people.

You can shop our Cupcake Collection over on our store.


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RC project 

So this week we’ve been upcycling some old pieces into suitable display pieces!! 

We love doing all this stuff, admittedly, it’s probably not as good as it could be but we’re happy none the less. All we have to do now is stencil & paint our new logo and banner on and it’ll be complete! 

We’re starting to take a look at potential markets to attend this summer time so keep an eye out for our schedual! 

Roo’s Random Box


Today, we’re showing you what could be up for grabs in a Roo’s Random Box. I personally love the idea of a Roo’s Random Box & wish they were more popular as I love putting them together!

What is Roo’s Random Box?

Roo’s Random Box is a package I put together especially for you with items depending on which price you select. We started off with three price options; £6, £10, and £15. But this week we launched the £20 option, giving you a little piece of everything!

How do we decide what goes into a RRB?

You will always get more for your money with a random box from Roo. We like to give you guys a little extra surprise in there! On many occasions we’ll put products that aren’t up on the site yet or only available to buy at fairs, making it random for you.

Why order a Roo’s Random Box?

It’s always tough when you need to decide on a gift for yourself or others. With a Roo’s Random Box it’s all done for you. No hassle and no disappointments. We like to show off our best stuff at RC and as we said before, it’s most likely you’ll be getting our handmade products that aren’t available on site or even made especially for your box.This makes each box different and gives them an individual  touch.

Our boxes are the perfect gift for others or a great little pick me up for yourself. It’s not often that we treat and surprise ourselves.

What could I get in a random box from Roo?

Here’s what you could expect from each price pack. As mentioned before, each box is different and products will vary.



is a perfect way to test the waters. If you want a little taster of Roo’s Corner and what we’re about, this is the price pack for you. It’s a great little way to bulk our someone’s birthday present too. We’re a strong believer that lots of little items are better than one big one. Here we have our fabric iPhone 5 phone case, hand painted ring dish, handmade initial bracelet and one of our very pretty hand stitched coin pouches. Our coin pouches aren’t available on our new website but will most likely be in our boxes!



is a great way to put a smile on someone’s face. It’s a little more luxurious than the £6 and includes more home-ware items. Here we have our hand painted ring dish again with a colour coordinated coconut bowl, along with our stamped initial bracelet, gift pouch and elephant pouch. Both of which are hand printed. In case you haven’t realised we love our pouches here at RC and we take our elephant pouch with us everywhere we go.



brings a little more accessories.  A Roo’s Corner Notebook is a must have. And this design is yet another product that isn’t up for grabs on the shop. We love anything and everything with kite strings on at the moment. I’m sure you’ll be seeing the design around RC more often but for now, a  Roo’s Random Box is the only place you’ll be able to get it! We’ve got the ring dish, coconut bowl and initial bracelet from the previous plan but we’ve added a hand printed tote bag! These bags are so handy and can fit loads in. I mostly use mine to lug my laptop and both my folders in for college or an over night bag when setting up camp in Gloucestershire.



I know Ii said before that less is more but in this case, bigger is better. It’s a little bit of everything here and we love it! Here we have our handmade, medium sized pouch with the bird print as well as our gift  pouch. Our initial bracelet is still in there( if you have’t guessed it’s a favourite of ours. We love enjoy making our products personal for our customers). There’s potentially two ring dishes up for grabs which both compliment the coconut bowl nicely. You’ll most likely receive a hand printed tote bag and a hand painted hardback notebook, both as handy as another. You’ll also be receiving our handmade jewellery of some kind. Maybe more than one piece too. Here is a pair of our purple flat stone drop gem earrings in their own box. All our jewellery is hand made slightly different making yours truly unique which is exactly what we’re about. This particular bundle comes to a little over £35’s worth of handmade products from RC.

Shop Our Roo’s Random Box

We’d love to hear from you! Any questions or comments please contact us via social media or email. We hope to see a lot more Roo’s Random Boxes being ordered very soon!

With love from Roo xxx

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Monday 25th April


We’re back again for our Week in Pictures and we are very happy to announce a new member of Roo’s Corner. Everybody; meet Charlie Pup! Our 3 month old terrier we rescued on Saturday from The Dogs Trust. Alfie is loving having a little brother around to cause ciaos with!


It’s been a stressful week personally, but I’ve finally finished (providing it’s all correct) my portfolio for my first year of college! It was a few weeks late but we won’t talk about that.. It’s just revision to go so I’m thinking there’s more time for Roo’s Corner (Yay!)

Back to Roo’s Corner..

So this week we’ve been busy(ish). In case you missed our instagram post I am now a crazy plant lady and proud! They are making a lovely atmosphere in my room & workspace not to mention they’re make great props for product photos!

We showed our instagram followers what you could potentially get in a Random Box from Roo, we also launched a special addition to the collection of £20’s worth of lovely RC goodies! All you readers will be able to see a full blog tomorrow so keep watch!


It’s been a quiet week with lots of reading and researching- trying to get to grips with the whole ‘selling your craft online’ malarkey.

Tote Bag Offer…

It’s just a little reminder that there’s ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT for everybody to receive a free tote bag with orders over £10. SHOP ROO’S CORNER and spend £10 online and get a selected tote bag for free!


Have a lovely week all,

Roo, Alfie Dog & Charlie Pup xxx

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Monday Morning

Happy Monday Everyone!

OK. So this blog is going to be a mixture of everything; our week in pictures, April offer, RC update, Sunday makes and yes, that time again when we justify ourselves for being quiet lately…

Week In Pictures

I decided to take the last few days off to have the weekend filled with two birthdays and a wedding.  The wedding was absolutely stunning may I add! It’s been very busy so apologies for being somewhat non-existent over the last week or so. Here’s our week in pictures!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

April Offer

We are so happy to announce our April Offer! If you follow us on instagram you may have seen us tell you about our April Offer, being a free tote bag with every order over £10!  It’s pretty good going as our hand printed tote bags are just £4.50! We’ll be explaining all in a reminder post coming later today. If you can’t wait to find out, read about it on our Instagram Post.

RC Update

The main reason why we have been quiet for so long is because we’ve been working on giving Roo’s Corner a little revamp. We’ve had the luxury of getting brand new graphics from our designer as well as a new and improved website! We would love to hear what you guys think and any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Contact us on here, any other social media sites or feel free to Email  us! Head over to our new website and tell us your thoughts.

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Sunday Makes

Our newest Sunday Make that is yet to go up on the site is our hand-printed napkins! Although we may have made a mistake by telling you they’d be up by now, we’d really like to wait for an official product photo shoot so you can see them in all their glory! We are really pleased with how these turned out and we can’t wait to make more designs.

Each pack contains four hand-printed napkins with their own box, perfect to give as a gift or store them in.  We currently have two designs; Block Grid or Polka Dot. We love the way they’ve turned out, a little rustic but fab none the less!



This week, we’re all about our handmade wooden tea-light holders!


We really like the unfinished effect these candle holders have. They are simple and natural with a smooth finish.

These sold really well at our first market and due to that they are limited numbers.

Single holder £3.50

Double holder £4.00

Shop Roo’s Corner for our handmade wooden tea light holders.

Monday 29th February

Happy Monday Everyone!

(Happy Leap Year Too!!)

How fast is this year going?! (A sentence said every month of every year but this year is flying by already). I can’t believe it’s March tomorrow! I’ve managed to be so busy while not getting a lot done at the same time, not entirely sure how. It’s been a weird two months.

This week’s been a busy one, but we’re back and planning the next month a head. Hopefully it’ll go to plan this time…

From now on, I’m going to try practice more skills and techniques in general to get a basic idea of them. This month is all about screen printing! I was lucky enough to get one from my birthday last year and I can finally put it to good use. No doubt you’ll be seeing a lot more fabric based products once I get the hang of it.

This week has been an adventure in itself. A little road trip was needed along with a catch up with two best friends. Plymouth is especially pretty in the sunshine. Alfie and I went exploring for two hours, the views weren’t awful, and I managed to catch the sunset on the weekly trip to Stroud.

Take a little look at our week in pictures


My friend has the best kitchen view in Plymouth


The Hampshire/Wiltshire boarder isn’t so bad


Pro’s of going to the South Cotswolds