As all sewing bees know, pin cushions are a must have, and this week, we’re showing off our favourite five designs.

We are so happy we stumbled across this little one! Here we have the handmade, cacti pin cushion from the Warm Grey Company. You can get it from their Etsy Shop for just £10. cacti

There’s nothing better than keeping this personal, and you can do just that with your pin cushion from Rosie Bull Designs. We love that they have used an old sewing machine as their design. Our first pouches were made with an old Singer sewing machine so this pin cushion design is a definite favourite of ours!

sewing machine design

Hand embroidery makes us very happy and so does this pin cushion! You canget yours Peggy and Luce  for just £6.

peggy and luce

These lovely little letter pin cushions from My Baboo are yet another way to make it personal.


Anything watermelon is great, so we particularly like the idea of making your very own watermelon pin cushion, using a kit from The Make Arcade. We’ve seen some of her kits around before and we’ll be sure to get our hands on one or two!



grey title


Five Fave Friday

This week, we’re showing you our top five stationary bits! Makers all love making, but the admin side, not so much. To get us through we can’t stop buying cute stationary bits to make it a little more pleasing on the eye!


We found this little buy in John Lewis and they are so handy now we’ve bought a peg board for our workstation! This jar of black pegs are just £3.99 and you get so many! we love the finish of them as well as the packaging they come in. IMG_1675

PAPER CLIPS ARE A MUST. These giant paper clips come in handy not only to keep all our papers together, but fabric too! If we don’t want to ruin the fabric but putting pins in them, we keep them secure using paper clips! IMG_1678

Pen pots, keep them everywhere. If you follow us on instagram, you may remember that time I became a crazy and proud plant lady. After re-potting our cacti’s, we used the terracotta pots to keep our pens in one handy place. IMG_1685

Keep it colourful! Colouring pens and pencils are great during the designing process, we keep them contained in a colourful tin and matching tray.  IMG_1681

Shelves! We are hoarders of notebooks, and we keep them all in one place. Easy to get to them and everything’s all together. Shop our notebook range hereIMG_1687

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Here’s our five fave quotes that gets us through the day!

“The grass is greener where you water it”

“Craftiness is happiness” 

“Do not shrink yourself for someone else’s comfort. Do not become small for people who refuse to grow.”

“Nothing significant happens until a patter is broken”

and of course… “Drink tea, get stuff done” 

Roo xxx


Now Christmas has been and gone, it’s time for a detox… 

And yes, we do all need one.

   1. Get your hair cut. Be bold & try something new.

2. Delete all your messages. It’s that simple!

3. Have a clear out. Do it once, be sentimental. Now do it again, this time without thinking.

4. Go for a long walk. Map it out- or don’t.

5.  Take some time off your social media accounts. Just log out. Start looking at things in a new & different way.

The start of a new year doesn’t have to be filled with resolutions that are never going to last. Sometimes you just need reconnect with yourself.

Five Faves Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!

This week we’re sharing our top favourite candle scents. Of course it has to be Yankee!


Lake Sunset~ The perfect background scent. We didn’t know a smell could be so stunning!

Fresh Cotton~ This one is the classic and not much more needs to be said.

Lime & Vanilla~ By the end of this weeks Fave Fives Friday, you’ll come to realise that we aren’t a fan of fruity scents but this one seems to be exotic but not over powering. Fabulous!

Honey & Spice~ and all things nice. As much as we all love apple & cinnamon, it’s a bit too much of one thing at the moment. This gets us in the festive mood all  the same!

Snow in Love~ we didn’t think it was possible to beat the classic but Yankee have managed to blend a fresh scent and add winter?! How we will never know, but we’re certainly not complaining..

Our very own home-made candles are set to arrive in the new year! Until then shop Roo’s Corner

How to Get Motivated

FIVE FAVES FRIDAY is here once again and this time its all about how to get motivated!

The run up to Christmas is a busy time for crafters (not mention stressful!) and we could all do with a little motivation to get us over the daunting busy work load.So here is our favourite 5 ways to get motivated!

1.LISTS- I love a good list and as far as I’m concerned, lists can get you through anything and everything. At the beginning of every day, every week and every month, create a list of all the things you need and more importantly what you’d want to accomplish. It’s the best way to  get you going. The monthly list may make your work look daunting but breaking it down by days and weeks it means it’s a little more clearer, plus it feels great when you start crossing jobs off!

2. GET SOME SPACE- and I don’t mean abandon your work load. Where ever it is you work, think or create, you need to clear it. All of it. Your desk, studio or even your floor. Once you have a clean and clear environment, your mindset will become those things too.

3. LOOK FOR INSPIRATION- one of the best ways to do this is to create an ‘Ideas & Inspiration book’. What ever it is you do, this will help channel your way of thinking.

4.DRINK- plenty of water (and tea of course). Staying hydrated gives you the means to stay focused, and to stay focused means you’re getting stuff done.

5. “IF IT TAKES LESS THAN TEN MINUETS- DO IT NOW”.  We live by this at Roo’s Corner. I don’t know who said it first but its one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever read. It gets things done quickly. Often its the little things that pile up in the work load and this is the best way to get them ticked off.

Head over to the Roo’s Corner Shop to check out our notebooks to get those lists going, as well as our Ideas Sketch Book to help create that ideas & inspirations book!

I hope this helps you stay motivated. Good luck!

Love Roo xxx

Cake! Cake! Cake!

As our first week’s Five Faves Friday was all about tea, it’s only fair that our second is all about cake!

If you’re lucky enough to have a mum like mine, you’ll know just how good home made cakes are.  So here are our five fave cakes!

  1. Lemon Drizzle- smooth cake draped in icing filled with flavours. Nothing better to clear your pallet

  2. Vicky sponge- this is a must have with a cuppa tea

  3. Chocolate sponge; chocolate filling, chocolate icing, chocolate buttons. Who can resist?!

  4. Carrot & Ginger Cake- Now as I said, mama Robbins makes the best cakes but put this with plum syrup and lemon sorbet and it is to die for!

  5. Batten-berg- it tastes just as good as the colours look!

Keep checking up on here and you might just come across one of Mama Robbins’ cake recipes!

View our shop to find our very own cupcake collection!


Our first Five Faves Fridays is all about tea!

Because lets face it, a cuppa is what gets us crafters (and non crafters) through the day

Lemon Green Tea- the perfect little detox

English Breakfast- the perfect little pick me up

Spiced Chai- its so warming, especially now its getting colder

Earl Grey- how else do we relax?

Ginger Bread- sweet like dessert but having more than one isn’t something that’s judged

View our ‘Drink Tea, Get Stuff Done’ notebook Here on our shop!

Love Roo xxx