Monday 25th April


We’re back again for our Week in Pictures and we are very happy to announce a new member of Roo’s Corner. Everybody; meet Charlie Pup! Our 3 month old terrier we rescued on Saturday from The Dogs Trust. Alfie is loving having a little brother around to cause ciaos with!


It’s been a stressful week personally, but I’ve finally finished (providing it’s all correct) my portfolio for my first year of college! It was a few weeks late but we won’t talk about that.. It’s just revision to go so I’m thinking there’s more time for Roo’s Corner (Yay!)

Back to Roo’s Corner..

So this week we’ve been busy(ish). In case you missed our instagram post I am now a crazy plant lady and proud! They are making a lovely atmosphere in my room & workspace not to mention they’re make great props for product photos!

We showed our instagram followers what you could potentially get in a Random Box from Roo, we also launched a special addition to the collection of £20’s worth of lovely RC goodies! All you readers will be able to see a full blog tomorrow so keep watch!


It’s been a quiet week with lots of reading and researching- trying to get to grips with the whole ‘selling your craft online’ malarkey.

Tote Bag Offer…

It’s just a little reminder that there’s ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT for everybody to receive a free tote bag with orders over £10. SHOP ROO’S CORNER and spend £10 online and get a selected tote bag for free!


Have a lovely week all,

Roo, Alfie Dog & Charlie Pup xxx

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