Wednesday watch! 

This month is all about launching new products an we’re happy to announce we are adding a tea towel range to our RC Home collection.  We brought a couple along with us to the Shaw House Summer Fair and we had some great feedback!
We hand print each pattern using our blocks and paints, with some designs more rustic or clean than others. Our personal favourite is the ‘Orange’ design.

We have more designs on the way but you can shop our current range here..
We’re currently giving away one free tea towel with each box of hand printed cotton napkins. Limited numbers are available so get yours while you can!

RC Discount Code

To celebrate launching new products, we’re giving £5 off at the check out for all orders of £15 and over! We are including each and every RC product so you won’t miss out on anything! Discount ends August 31st.


Use code: AUGUST16 to get your discount!

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Wednesday watch 

We have launched our new Tea Pot Pouches ans we’re in love! These little linen beauties are an addition to our growing “drink tea, get stuff done” collection which you can shop here.
We love how spacious these pouches are. Ideal for both little and larger items, the fabrics used means it’s flexible on the outside but  the lining is sturdy enough for your make up or hate we items you’ll be storing.
We decided on this design as son we saw the printing block. We love how it tied in with our drink tea range. We really like the silhouette against the natural coloured linen, giving the print a clean finish.

Sunday 10th July 2016

Happy Sunday Everyone, I hope it’s a lazy one!

I know i normally give a Monday morning update, but  felt it was more appropriate today as its only 7 days until we head out to do our first Summer Fair!

I have a list as long ass my arm and next to no time to complete it. It’s exactly a week until we head over to Shaw House to have a pop up stall at their Summer Fair. We’re really excited and are feeling positive about it (providing I get everything done in time!).

It’s our first summer fair and our first stall providing our own gazebo etc. I decided to do a mock up yesterday as was really happy until  i realised a) this  is hard  to put up a gazebo when you’re short and b) its even harder when its windy.

We’ve got a couple of new pouches coming with us and I’m really excited to be bringing the new Drink Tea Pouch too! It feels like I’m going 100 miles an hour and not actually getting anything done. I’m set for a busy week with work, getting RC ready for Sunday and heading over to Truck  Festival on Friday & Saturday.

With  just few admin bits and a couple of new makes to get done, we’ll be ready to go in no time! Keep up to date on our Instagram.

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Dates for your Diaries!

Happy Friday Everyone! 

If you’re lucky enough to have weekends, I hope you enjoy it. I personally, am working and planning! But as promised, we’re here to tell you all about our upcoming market dates!

We’ll be attending the following markets on these dates. We’re very excited as well as very nervous. We have lots to make for each event so keep an eye out for new products that will be added to our collection.

Shaw House Summer Fair;

Sunday 17th July

Newbury Artisan Market;

Sunday 28th August

Sunday 30th October

Sunday 27th November

Roo xxx

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It’s been a while but we’re back with our Five Faves Friday! It’s only right with all things going on at Roo’s Corner that we begin again with our top five fabrics we’ll  be working with in the upcoming weeks.

We’re going back to basics and creating lots of great pouches ready for the summer. Here’s a look of dome of the patterns you’ll be seeing about the shop.

  1. We can’t get enough of this Grey Chevron Pattern, and as soon as we saw it we had an idea of exactly what we wanted.  You may have seen our previous post about our demo pouch and that’s just what we made with is so far. After a few little tweaks, they’ll be ready to sell! IMG_1673

  2.  We can’t wait to use these dainty little floral patterns for lining some of the new pouches. As much as we love big and bold, you can’t beat simple black and white.

  3. Yes, it’s another dainty little floral design but we love the detail of having stems the little leaves dotted along them. IMG_1666

  4.  Grey faux suede, we love the texture of this and we’ll be making something a little more than a pouch with this one!  IMG_1660

As you’ve seen we like floral, even more so if it’s black and white.  So to finish off we couldn’t miss out on this pattern. We’ll be using it for most likely lining again but it’s one of our favourites. I picked this up in a lovely little shop in Dartmouth a couple of months ago and we can’t wait to get making with it! IMG_1659


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RC Totes! 

Our tote bag range is one of our most recent additions to the store but we love them like an original.


These bags are so handy we take them everywhere, from college to the shops, they fit pretty much everything you need.

Our calico cotton tote bags are  40x38cm in size and are all hand printed, each with the RC logo printed from our handmade stamp.

We currently have three designs available; the double seed head, grid block and bicycle. We love how simple these are. But we intend to expand the range soon,  creating more colourful and designs.

 At just £4 it’s hard not to buy one of each! Shop our RC tote bags 



This week, we’re all about our handmade wooden tea-light holders!


We really like the unfinished effect these candle holders have. They are simple and natural with a smooth finish.

These sold really well at our first market and due to that they are limited numbers.

Single holder £3.50

Double holder £4.00

Shop Roo’s Corner for our handmade wooden tea light holders.

Valentine’s Chocolates 

We’re back with a Five Faves Friday and it’s all about chocolate!! 
Valentine’s is one of the best time of the year for chocolate. Yes, you’re meant to tell your better half how much you love them but let’s face it, if you loved them that much you should probably do it every other day of the year too.. 
Here’s our top five chocolates to buy this Valentine’s Day. 

  • Lint Chocolate; these are perfectly smooth and so moreish. The strawberry and cream would be the best fit on Valentine’s Day. And yes, it is possible to eat a whole box in one sitting. Not that we’d know anything about that.
  • Cadburys Milk Tray; no Valentine’s Day is complete without these classics.
  • Roses; for all the lazy halfs out there, it’s flowers and chocolate. What’s cheaper than that. 
  • Hotel Chocolate; anything and everything. Nothing says Valentine’s more than so weird and wonderful creation from Hotel Chocolate. 
  • Chocolate Pizzas; we can’t wait to tuck into the new craze! 

Shop Roo’s Corner

Parsonage Farm Christmas Market

We have some very exciting news, that we will be attending our first Christmas Market!

We will be at the Parsonage Farm Christmas Market on December 6th from 10:30 until 3:00.

Parsonage Farm is very local to us and we are so happy that we are lucky enough to have our first market stall there! This years market is in great support of beating bowel cancer. It’s a great cause and we hope to see you all there!

Parsonage Farm Christmas Market

Sunday December 6th


Parsonage Farm, Upton, Andover SP11 0JP.