Wednesday watch! 

This month is all about launching new products an we’re happy to announce we are adding a tea towel range to our RC Home collection.  We brought a couple along with us to the Shaw House Summer Fair and we had some great feedback!
We hand print each pattern using our blocks and paints, with some designs more rustic or clean than others. Our personal favourite is the ‘Orange’ design.

We have more designs on the way but you can shop our current range here..
We’re currently giving away one free tea towel with each box of hand printed cotton napkins. Limited numbers are available so get yours while you can!

Shaw House Summer Fair

As some of you may know, we attended Shaw House summer fair on Sunday. We had a lot of prep to do with very little time but I’m pleased to say we made it-just! 

It was our first summer stall and to be honest we were a little apprehensive about it, considering how well we did at Parsonage Farm. 

It was a really busy day with a few sales which we were pleased with, the sun eventually made an appearance too. You can find some pictures here on our Instagram. 

RC Update

We’re finally back on the blog!

We’ve been very quiet on our social medias lately but very busy behind the scenes! I’ve only got one week until I finish my first year of counselling skills and I’m really excited to (hopefully) have more time for RC. I’ve been so busy with work this month that I’ve hardly made any new products.

In other news, I’ve finally got some market dates in the RC diary (yay!) So I’ll be sharing those with you all on Friday . With that comes lots of preparation and making so it’s set to be a busy month.I’m trying to get everything done as quickly as possible but it’s not exactly going to plan, despite this, I’m looking forward to what summer has to offer us!

I’ve got a few ideas for some new products but I’ll be sure to top up our current stock very soon. I’m in the process of planning our media posts and I’ll be doing my best to stick to them.  I’m hoping that we’ll be back to posting updates more often as well as sharing our new ideas, products and fave fives!


Roo xxx

RC project 

So this week we’ve been upcycling some old pieces into suitable display pieces!! 

We love doing all this stuff, admittedly, it’s probably not as good as it could be but we’re happy none the less. All we have to do now is stencil & paint our new logo and banner on and it’ll be complete! 

We’re starting to take a look at potential markets to attend this summer time so keep an eye out for our schedual! 

Monday Morning

Happy Monday Everyone!

OK. So this blog is going to be a mixture of everything; our week in pictures, April offer, RC update, Sunday makes and yes, that time again when we justify ourselves for being quiet lately…

Week In Pictures

I decided to take the last few days off to have the weekend filled with two birthdays and a wedding.  The wedding was absolutely stunning may I add! It’s been very busy so apologies for being somewhat non-existent over the last week or so. Here’s our week in pictures!

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April Offer

We are so happy to announce our April Offer! If you follow us on instagram you may have seen us tell you about our April Offer, being a free tote bag with every order over £10!  It’s pretty good going as our hand printed tote bags are just £4.50! We’ll be explaining all in a reminder post coming later today. If you can’t wait to find out, read about it on our Instagram Post.

RC Update

The main reason why we have been quiet for so long is because we’ve been working on giving Roo’s Corner a little revamp. We’ve had the luxury of getting brand new graphics from our designer as well as a new and improved website! We would love to hear what you guys think and any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Contact us on here, any other social media sites or feel free to Email  us! Head over to our new website and tell us your thoughts.

grey banner

Sunday Makes

Our newest Sunday Make that is yet to go up on the site is our hand-printed napkins! Although we may have made a mistake by telling you they’d be up by now, we’d really like to wait for an official product photo shoot so you can see them in all their glory! We are really pleased with how these turned out and we can’t wait to make more designs.

Each pack contains four hand-printed napkins with their own box, perfect to give as a gift or store them in.  We currently have two designs; Block Grid or Polka Dot. We love the way they’ve turned out, a little rustic but fab none the less!


RC Update

We’ve been busy recently, it feels as though we’ve been non stop since November. These last two weeks I’ve had some more RC time which I’m really happy about. It’s taken a bit of a  back seat due to my day job but I’m pleased so say I’m back on track!

I’m now going to do a weekly catch up with you all just so you guys can get a bit more of an insight into us at Roo’s Corner!

I have some exciting new project coming up as well as expanding some of the RC ranges and adding new and more products.

Click on the images and take a look at a few things we’ve been up to this past week!


Parsonage Farm

On Sunday we attended the Parsonage Farm Christmas Market. We had a great time and it was such a good experience. We are lucky that we had the opportunity to have our first market so local and with such great help too.

There were many late nights in the run up to the day but it was well worth it. Our sterling silver fish hook earrings  and Drink Tea Notebooks sold really well,  both on sale on the day.

We are a big fan of shopping small and very local. I am so pleased that the chosen charity was beating bowel cancer. I am yet to hear figures but I’m sure a good amount of money was raised for such a great  cause.

We have a hectic day of admin and organising to plough through. We’re really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things at RC HQ.  It’s been a very busy time for us for many reasons and we can’t wait to plan our second pop up stall!


Just a little check in…


Hello all!


I hope you’re all having a festive December! We’ve been very quiet lately for a number of reasons. Firstly because we have been getting ready for our first Christmas Market we attended on Sunday. Secondly (and probably most of all) because I have been SO busy at work. The festive period, like any pub, is our busiest. Coming in early and staying late has been happening a lot, meaning I have had so little time for RC stuff.

Now it’s settled at work I‘ll have more time for RC which I am so excited about. They’ll be new products up on the site soon and I have big plans for the upcoming new year!


Love Roo xxx


Wednesday 4th November

After a very lazy morning, we’re easing ourselves in with an admin afternoon, hoping for an blissful evening of making! 

We are pleased to announce that our card collection is beginning to make an appearance on the site today! Starting at just £1! More will be added as soon as they are ready. 

Happy Wednesday people!  

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