Death By Hot Chocolate

Now it’s November it’s time to spice things up this Winter with some interesting hot chocolate flavours!

Vanilla & White Chocolate. Just add white chocolate shavings into your milk & stir until melted, don’t forget the tbsp of vanilla extract. Add this mix to your normal hot chocolate powder or have on its own, topped with cream!

Cointreau. This is a personal favourite of mine. Chocolate orange is to die for, but adding Cointreau to the mix makes it pure perfection. Top with cream, chocolate sprinkles & some grated orange peel. Beautiful and tasty.

Cinnamon. Add cinnamon, as much or as little as you’d like to the powder & mix with hot milk. To make it more chocolatey, go all out & add melted chocolate! So simple and so Christmassy!

Ginger.  Add ground ginger to the powder, again as much or as little as you’s like! Mix it with hot milk & top with cream. Your very own gingerbread man in a mug!

Russian. Add a measure of vanilla flavoured vodka along with another measure of amaretto for another way to warm yourself up!

Classic. You can’t go wrong with the classic hot chocolate. Plenty of scoops of powder, cream from a can, chocolate sprinkles and a handful or two of marshmallows. The perfect way to end the day

Coconut. Add coconut cream into your hot chocolate. or of its been that kind of day, why not try a splash of malibu!

Nutella. Heat the milk in a pan and stir in a minimum of 3 spoons of nutella. Top with cream and marshmallows

Peppermint. Just add in some peppermint extract into the mix, and maybe some green food colouring into the milk if you want to change things up!

Baileys. For all you coffee lovers out there, this is the one for you. Add a 50ml measure to your hot chocolate and let it hit that coffee spot!

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